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Buy DJI Mavic Mini Drone (Fly More Combo) 2.7K Camera 3-Axis Gimbal Online in India
September 7, 2021 Category: Buying Guide
DJI Mavic Mini Price In India

Looking forward to buy a DJI Drone that you can fly in the skies easily without any risk of crash and shoot some incredible aerial cinematic videos on the go? So here we have for you the latest DJI Mavic Mini Drone along with the fly more combo option in which you will be getting extra propellers, extra batteries for more flying time, easy drone carry case and much more.

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Order Now & Get Lowest DJI Mavic Mini Price in India Online;

a) DJI Mavic Mini Nano Drone or 

b) DJI Mavic Mini Fly More Combo Drone

The DJI Mavic Mini 2 is the latest and most powerful drone which comes in such a small package that you can easily carry with yourself wherever you go. There are many places you visit once in a lifetime so just carry your DJI Mini 2 for a unique perspective, and make the most of your travels.

This is an ultra light drone which just weighs 249 g that requires no special license to fly so it becomes most convenient for beginners and travel enthusiast to capture the best aerial footage and make incredible memories.

It weighs about as much as an apple and fits in the palm of your hand. Compact and convenient, Mini 2 is your ideal travel companion, transforming how you capture your favorite memories.

DJI Mavic Mini 2

Even though it is very small in size even might be smaller than your smartphone but do not underestimate the power of the latest DJI Mavic Mini 2 Drone as it is small but mighty simply thanks to intuitive and advanced features packed in a portable frame.

The DJI Mavic Mini 2 provides complete freedom wherever and however you want to create. Whether you’re shooting at a deserted beach or capturing the details of a fun family reunion, Mini 2 can handle it all.

It may be small, but this drone packs a ton of power with a max battery life of 31 minutes, DJI Mini 2 grants more than enough time to compose the perfect shot. The DJI Mavic Mini 2 Drone can resist 29-38kph winds and take off at a max altitude of 4,000 meters, so your footage is stable even when flying along a windy coastline or high above an alpine forest.

Checkout Mavic 2 Features & DJI Mavic Mini Price in India

The DJI Mavic Mini 2 Drone supports up to 10 km of HD video transmission and has excellent anti-interference capabilities, giving you the ability to fly farther and see clearer.

DJI Mavic Mini Price In India

When it comes to the pricing of the latest DJI Mavic Mini Drone it is currently priced at USD $449 as low as As low as $41/month for 12 months. Rates from 10–30% APR, Else for the DJI Mini 2 Fly More Combo it is priced at USD $599 where you will be getting the following as below;

DJI Mini 2 Fly More Combo

  • DJI Mavic Mini Drone ( Aircraft ) x 1
  • Remote Controller x 1
  • Intelligent Flight Battery x 3
  • Pair of Spare Propellers x 3
  • Type-C Cable x 1
  • Gimbal Protector x 1
  • RC Cable (USB Type-C Connector) × 1
  • RC Cable (Lightning Connector) × 1
  • RC Cable (Standard Micro-USB Connector) × 1
  • Pair of Spare Control Sticks × 1
  • Spare Screw × 18
  • Screwdriver × 1
  • Propeller Holder × 1
  • Two-Way Charging Hub × 1
  • DJI 18W USB Charger × 1
  • Shoulder Bag × 1

Order Now & Get Lowest DJI Mavic Mini Price in India Online at Amazon

a) DJI Mavic Mini Nano Drone or 

b) DJI Mavic Mini Fly More Combo Drone

You can get all this in the DJI Mavic Mini with Fly More Combo Package at just 70% Discount at MRP price ₹1,94,999.00 which is ( ₹59,000.00 ) this is the current DJI Mavic Mini Price in India.

Please note the price of this product are subjected to changes so it may vary everyday*.

Moments Captured By DJI Mavic Mini 2 Drone

Apart from taking incredible aerial footage you can shoot some of the incredible landscape images from the sky. It is a perfect companion for those who’d like to master their skills in aerial photography. DJI Mavic Mini 2 Drone has 4x Digital Zoom which is safer and more convenient when transitioning between shots of varying distance and composition.

A 12MP camera in the sky delivers content guaranteed to impress. Along with 4K/30fps video and a 3-axis motorized gimbal, Mini 2 ensures stunning image quality that is consistently smooth no matter how adventurous your piloting gets.

DJI Mini 2

It supports quick transfer so therefore for your convenience you can easily download footage at a high speed without the remote controller. with OcuSync 2.0 you can fly farther and see clearer with up to 10 km of HD video transmission. It has a Level 5 Wind Resistance (29-38 kph) that provides stable footage in even more locations and conditions. At less than 249 g, the camera supports 4K/30fps video, making it your ideal travel companion.

The new DJI Mini 2 has kept all the core competitive features of Mavic Mini, including portability, travel-friendliness, and ease of use, while at the same time significantly improving features.

DJI Mini 2’s image transmission system is particularly impressive as it has been upgraded to OcuSync 2.0 from enhanced Wi-Fi. Its max flight speed and wind resistance have also been also improved, providing more options for shooting locations and conditions.

For just a small additional cost, the DJI Mini 2 Fly More Combo includes some must-have DJI Mini 2 accessories that will make flying easier and more enjoyable. This combo contains two more Intelligent Flight Batteries, two spare pairs of propellers, and twelve more screws.

Compared to standard combo, you also get a Two-Way Charging Hub, a Propeller Holder, an 18W USB Charger, and a shoulder bag. Purchasing the DJI Mini 2 Fly More Combo is significantly cheaper than purchasing the drone and these accessories separately.

DJI Mini 2 can only be used with the DJI Fly app. In addition to offering a streamlined user-experience, DJI Fly contains flight tutorials so you can learn how to fly safely. You can use Quick Transfer to quickly transfer photo and videos in the DJI fly app to your mobile device. Quick Transfer is an all-new feature of DJI Mini 2.

With Quick Transfer, users can access the album of the aircraft in the DJI Fly app on the mobile device without connecting to the remote controller and download photos and videos at 20 MB/s.

One of the biggest benefit for choosing DJI Mavic Mini 2 Drone is the flying time of 30 minutes that it offers in such a compact package. So there could nothing better than this deal that you can get.

This compact yet powerful Mavic Mini is the perfect creative companion, capturing your moments in a way that effortlessly elevates the ordinary. Together with the easy-to-use DJI Fly app, you’ll enjoy a simplified flying experience and a perspective unlike any other.

So what you are waiting for just check the latest DJI Mavic Mini Price In India and order it now.

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