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Delkin Devices 325GB BLACK CFexpress Type B Memory Card
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Delkin Devices 325GB BLACK CFexpress Type B Memory Card

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High-Performance 325GB BLACK CFexpress Type B Memory Card by Delkin Devices


The 325GB BLACK CFexpress Type B Memory Card by Delkin Devices is a reliable and high-performance storage solution tailored for professional photographers, videographers, and cinematic enthusiasts. With its PCIe 3.0 interface, this card delivers exceptional read speeds of up to 1725 MB/s and minimum write speeds of 1530 MB/s, making it ideal for raw photography and high-resolution video recording at 8K, 6K, and 4K with high bitrates and frame rates.

Durable Design for Any Environment:

Delkin's BLACK Series is designed with a rugged build, ensuring the card's safety in various challenging environments. It is waterproof, shockproof, and can withstand extreme temperature conditions. The card's durability is further supported by a serialized feature and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Upon registration with Delkin, users can also avail a 48-hour replacement guarantee.

Optimized for Cinema-Quality Recording:

The BLACK CFexpress card employs a 3rd generation PCI Express interface and supports NVM Express, resulting in fast recording speeds suitable for cinema-quality video capturing. The card's minimum sustained sequential write speeds exceeding 1530 MB/s guarantee swift and secure data storage, making it ideal for real-time broadcasting and raw continuous-burst shooting.

Efficient Workflow:

With data offloading speeds of up to 1725 MB/s, the BLACK CFexpress card streamlines workflow by facilitating quick and efficient data transfers to computers. This enables photographers and videographers to access files immediately, expediting the post-production process.

Extensively Tested for Compatibility:

The CFexpress card undergoes rigorous testing to ensure full functionality and peak performance in high-end hosts prevalent in the broadcast, cinema, and photography industries. It is important to note that CFexpress cards are not backward compatible with CompactFlash or CFast 2.0 hosts.

48-Hour Replacement Guarantee:

Purchasers of Delkin BLACK memory cards, including those with the "48HR" designation, can enjoy a premium 48-hour replacement guarantee in addition to the lifetime warranty. Delkin promises to replace any non-working card within 48 hours (excluding weekends) upon receiving the faulty card. Additionally, card replacements can be made at any authorized Delkin BLACK reseller. To activate the card's free replacement program and lifetime warranty, users simply need to register their card online with Delkin.

Card Type
CFexpress Type B
Storage Capacity
325 GB
Bus Type
PCI-Express 3.0
Read Speed
Maximum: 1725 MB/s
Write Speed
Minimum: 1530 MB/s
Operating Temperature
32 to 158°F / 0 to 70°C
Storage Temperature
32 to 158°F / 0 to 70°C
File System
Package Weight
0.07 lb
Box Dimensions (LxWxH)
6.25 x 4.2 x 0.35"
  • 325GB Storage Capacity
  • PCIe 3.0 Interface
  • Max Read Speed: 1725 MB/s
  • Min Write Speed: 1530 MB/s
  • Records 8K, 6K, and 4K Video
  • Records High Bitrates and Frame Rates
  • Records Raw Photos and Rapid Bursts
  • Serialized for Added Protection
  • Waterproof and Shockproof
  • Can Withstand Temperature Extremes
  • Delkin Devices 325GB BLACK CFexpress Type B Memory Card
  • Protective Storage Case
  • 48-Hour Replacement Guarantee
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty