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Delkin Devices V90 64GB BLACK UHS-II SDXC Memory Card
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Delkin Devices V90 64GB BLACK UHS-II SDXC Memory Card

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High-Performance and Durable 64GB BLACK UHS-II SDXC Memory Card

Delkin Devices introduces the 64GB BLACK UHS-II SDXC Memory Card, a perfect blend of industrial strength, reliability, and fast performance. This cutting-edge memory card is specially designed for advanced DSLR functions, including continuous shutter bursts, rapid shooting, and raw and JPEG captures. Moreover, it excels in video capture with support for 8K, 4K, 3D, HDR, 360°, HFR, and Full HD video.

Unmatched Speed and Versatility

With impressive maximum read speeds of up to 300 MB/s and maximum write speeds of up to 250 MB/s, this memory card guarantees seamless data transfers. The V90 speed class rating ensures that minimum write speeds never drop below 90 MB/s, making it ideal for demanding tasks.

Built to Endure

Delkin BLACK Series is engineered with a rugged design capable of withstanding an impact of up to 45 pounds. Its robust construction makes it dust, x-ray, water, and shockproof, offering protection even in extreme temperatures ranging from -13 to 185°F. Unlike conventional cards, the BLACK Series does not have a write-protect switch or plastic ribs between the contacts, enhancing its reliability and functionality.

Compatibility and Performance

The UHS-II technology in this card employs an additional row of pins, making it compatible with UHS-II / V90 devices. However, it can also be used in devices that support lower speed classes like UHS-II and V60 (minimum write speeds of 60 MB/s), UHS-II and V30 (minimum write speeds of 30 MB/s), or UHS-I and U3 (minimum write speeds of 30 MB/s). Even if your device doesn't support U3, this card is backward compatible with U1 and Class 10 standards, ensuring a minimum write speed of 10 MB/s.

Unbreakable and Reliable

Delkin's proprietary injection molding process makes the BLACK SDXC card three times stronger than regular SD cards, offering improved reliability and ruggedness. Its unique design, free from a write-protect switch, prevents the card from going into read-only mode and ensures data can always be accessed and copied.

Efficient Workflow

The Delkin BLACK UHS-II SDXC card can offload data at impressive speeds of up to 300 MB/s, facilitating quick and efficient data transfers to your computer. This feature is particularly useful for photographers and videographers dealing with large data sets who need to get back to shooting promptly.

48-Hour Replacement Guarantee

Delkin offers a 48-hour replacement guarantee along with a lifetime warranty for BLACK memory cards. In case of any issues, Delkin will replace your non-working card within 48 hours or less. Simply register your card online to activate this free replacement program and enjoy a worry-free experience.

Card Type
Storage Capacity
64 GB
Bus Type
Speed Class
UHS Speed Class
Video Speed Class
Read Speed
Maximum: 300 MB/s
Write Speed
Maximum: 250 MB/s
Minimum: 90 MB/s
Operating Temperature
-13 to 185°F / -25 to 85°C
Built-in Write-Protect Switch
Package Weight
0.035 lb
Box Dimensions (LxWxH)
5.3 x 3.65 x 0.35"
  • 64GB Storage Capacity
  • UHS-II / V90 / U3 / Class 10
  • Max Read Speed: 300 MB/s
  • Max Write Speed: 250 MB/s
  • Min Write Speed: 90 MB/s
  • Records 8K, 4K, HDR, and 360° Video
  • Can Withstand 45 Pounds of Impact
  • Water / Dust / Shock / X-Ray Proof
  • Can Withstand Temperature Extremes
  • No Built-In Write-Protect Switch
  • Delkin Devices 64GB BLACK UHS-II SDXC Memory Card
  • Protective Storage Case
  • 48-Hour Replacement Guarantee
  • Limited Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty