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Fujifilm Instax Mini 90+ Instant Camera
Fujifilm Instax Mini 90+ Instant Camera
Fujifilm Instax Mini 90+ Instant Camera
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Fujifilm Instax Mini 90+ Instant Camera - Brown

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FUJIFILM INSTAX Mini 90 Neo Classic


The FUJIFILM INSTAX Mini 90+ combines a vintage look with modern features, making it a stylish instant film camera that produces credit card-sized prints.

Its sleek design houses a fixed 60mm f/12.7 lens with zone focusing settings and a dedicated macro position, allowing you to capture subjects as close as 11.8" with precision using the optical window finder, which includes parallax adjustment guides and a target spot for accurate alignment.

The camera features a built-in flash with automatic exposure adjustment and a red-eye reduction setting. In Party mode, the flash's bright output and longer exposure times help to highlight more background details in photographs.

You have the option to work with manual exposure compensation, giving you control over brightness and darkness, or you can use specialized Kids and Landscape modes that are designed for specific subject types.

For creative shooting, the camera offers Double Exposure and Bulb modes, and for steady long exposures, there's a built-in tripod mount.

Additionally, an LCD displays the shooting mode and remaining frames, while a mode dial surrounding the lens allows for easy setting selection. The camera is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, providing enough power for about 10 packs of film per charge.

Fujifilm Instant Color Film "instax mini" (separately available)
Film Size
3.4 x 2.1" (86 x 54mm)
Picture size
2.4 x 1.8" (62 x 46mm)
Move in / out type lens, 2 components, 2 elements, f=60mm, F=12.7
Real image finder, 0.37x, with target spot and parallax adjustment for macro mode
Motor-driven 3-range switching, 0.3m - infinity (macro mode: 0.3m - 0.6m, normal mode: 0.6m - 3.0m, landscape mode: 3.0m - infinity)
Shutter Release
Programmed electronic shutter release, 1.8 - 1/400 sec. shutter speeds (macro mode: aperture automatically fixed at F22, bulb mode: maximum 10-second shutter open time)
Exposure Control
Automatic, LV5.0 - 15.5 (ISO800), lighten-darken control +/-2/3EV, +1EV
Film Feeding Out
Automatic electronic flash (with brightness adjustment function), forced firing mode (with brightness adjustment function), flash off mode, red eye reduction mode
Liquid Crystal Display (LCD
Exposure counter (number of remaining shots), Macro mode, Brightness control, Self timer, Flash ON / OFF, Mode button(Party / Kids / Landscape / Double exposure / Bulb)
Power Supply
NP-45A lithium-ion battery.charge capacity: 10 film packs (based on our test conditions)
4.5 x 3.6 x 2.3" (113.4 x 91.9 x 57.2mm)
0.7 lbs (296g) excluding the battery, strap and film
  • Accepts INSTAX Mini Instant Film
  • Produces Credit Card-Sized Prints
  • FUJINON 60mm f/12.7 Lens
  • Optical Viewfinder with Target Spot
  • Built-In Flash with Party Mode
  • Bulb and Double Exposure Functions
  • Kids, Landscape, and Macro Modes
  • Manual Brightness Adjustment
  • Tripod Mount and Rechargeable Battery
  • Instax Mini 90 Camera - 1 Unit
  • Instax Mini Film (10x1)
  • Photo Bunting - 1 Unit
  • User Manual