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Discover the world of the FUJIFILM X Series and GFX. Fujifilm is one of the most well-known camera manufacturers in the world. With an award-winning lineup of cameras suited to both professionals and enthusiasts. The central themes of the GFX & X Series are simplicity and elegance; the camera is a precision instrument, but one that’s combined with a functional beauty.

Fujifilm X System

Fujifilm's innovative and one-of-a-kind technologies provide the compact and lightweight X Series with exceptional image quality and mobility. Take it with you wherever you go and always capture the moment. From professionals to amateurs, a diverse lineup offers a wide variety of photographic styles.


Fujifilm GFX System

Fujifilm has always prioritised image quality. The sensor on the GFX is approximately 1.7 times the size of the full frame sensor. The GFX can achieve the extremely high resolution and rich tonality that professional photographers expect by combining the FUJINON GF lenses with Fujifilm's outstanding imaging technology.


FUJINON X Mount Lenses

X Mount lenses for the X Series inherit FUJINON optical technology, the lenses are created to maximise the potential of X Series cameras and deliver exceptional performance. The X Mount Lenses offer a variety of specialty lenses, including cine zoom and macro lenses, as well as a wide range of focal lengths, from ultra wide to telephoto.


FUJINON GFX Mount Lenses

The GF lenses are intended to maximise the performance of the GFX Series cameras. The GF lenses, which inherit optical technologies from medium and large format film lenses as well as broadcast and cine lenses, provide unrivalled image quality that professionals require.