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Godox VK3-UC Vlogging Kit for Android Users
Godox VK3-UC Vlogging Kit for Android Users
Godox VK3-UC Vlogging Kit for Android Users
Godox VK3-UC Vlogging Kit for Android Users
Godox VK3-UC Vlogging Kit for Android Users
Godox VK3-UC Vlogging Kit for Android Users
Godox VK3-UC Vlogging Kit for Android Users
Godox VK3-UC Vlogging Kit for Android Users
Godox VK3-UC Vlogging Kit for Android Users
Godox VK3-UC Vlogging Kit for Android Users
Godox VK3-UC Vlogging Kit for Android Users
Godox VK3-UC Vlogging Kit for Android Users
Godox VK3-UC Vlogging Kit for Android Users
Godox VK3-UC Vlogging Kit for Android Users
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Godox VK3-UC Vlogging Kit for Android Users

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The Godox VK3-UC Vlog Kit for Android Users lets you quickly set up a small studio. This kit includes a variety of lightweight accessories that can be put together quickly to improve your photos and videos. Along with a smartphone clamp, a mini 3-stage tripod, a directional microphone, and an RGB Pocket-Size LED Video Light are included. It's the perfect kit for video conferencing, live streaming, vlogging, and macro photography. Simple setup requires only connecting the smartphone clamp's 1/4" connector to the tripod and the LED light to the clamp's built-in cold shoe mount. The microphone is connected to your iPhone's Lightning port by an integrated plug for convenience.

The Litemons RGB Pocket-Size LED Video Light from Godox is an on-camera LED light you can take and mount virtually anywhere to add just the right amount of light or color to your shot whether you are creating narratives, vlogging, lighting a party, or doing product photography. It has a small size, flexible mounting options, and variable color temperature output. This adaptable light can be dimmed from 0 to 100% brightness and can be switched between RGB output for a range of 36,000 colors and CCT mode for a variable color temperature between 3200 and 6500K. You can see the mode, brightness, and remaining battery life on an internal display screen.

Depending on the settings, the light fixture's integrated 1800mAh lithium battery powers it for 2 to 10 hours. It also has 13 effect modes, including RGB color chase, lightning, flash, fire, fireworks, and a variety of emergency vehicle flashing lights. You can mount this light on metal surfaces thanks to the built-in magnet on the back of the device. It also has an accessory foot for mounting on your camera or other platforms with a cold shoe. Three built-in cold shoes on the light's body also allow you to stack extra lights on top of one another to create a larger source.

Godox MT03 Mini Tripod & Selfie Stick

When fully collapsed, the Godox MT03 Mini Tripod has a height of 6.2". It can be used as a desktop tripod or a short handgrip when set up in this manner. The maximum height is 9.8" thanks to the design's extended center column. It functions as a tripod and a selfie stick when extended. It has some aluminum and plastic components, a built-in tilt and swivel ball head, and a 1/4"-20 mounting screw.

Godox Geniusmic LT Ultracompact iPhone Microphone with Lightning Connector

The Godox Geniusmic LT offers an incredibly small and reasonably priced option for vloggers, livestreamers, videographers, and mobile journalists who need a space-saving microphone that offers better sound capture than their mobile device's built-in mic. There is no need for an external cable or mount because this tiny condenser mic connects directly to the Lightning port on your iPhone or iPad. On the back of the mic body, it also has a headphone output so you can easily listen to playback or monitor your input signal using earbuds or studio headphones.

With no controls to set up and Lightning power operation, the Geniusmic LT ensures simple, intuitive operation for users of all experience levels. Aluminum housing offers strength, light weight, and effective immunity to RF source interference. The microphone's directional polar pattern lessens the pickup of off-axis sound, such as background noise. The Geniusmic LT is equipped with a foam windscreen and a furry windshield to help you record audio with less wind noise whether you shoot inside or outside.

Ultracompact and Durable

The Geniusmic LT is just 3.1" long and weighs only 1.5 ounces, making it a stealthy companion for your Phone or iPad. The durable aluminum construction helps to fight against RF disturbance.

Directional Sound Pickup

The Geniusmic LT uses a hypercardioid polar pattern to reduce distracting noises from the sides and, to a lesser extent, the back while concentrating on sounds in front of it. This makes it suitable for use in busy areas and rooms with lots of ambiance.

Extended Highs and Strong Output

When recording dialogue, instruments, or natural sounds, the Geniusmic LT's extended frequency response (50 Hz to 20 kHz) and high sensitivity enable it to produce detailed audio.

Plug-and-Play Operation

With no need to change or charge batteries, the Geniusmic LT runs on power from your iPhone for enhanced convenience. Record quickly and never miss an important moment.

Smartphone Compatibility

The Geniusmic LT features a Lightning male plug to enable proper connectivity with iPhones and iPads that have a Lightning port.

Headphone Output

With a 3.5mm headphone output on the rear of the mic, it supports monitoring of the input signal (app dependent) or playback while the mic remains connected to your mobile device.

Furry Windshield for Outdoor Shoots

The artificial fur windshield aids in reducing wind noise while protecting the mic from weather and dust. This is especially helpful when shooting outdoors.

  • Built-in Lithium Battery


  • Power Source of Charging

    5V/ 2A

  • Power

    Max. 6W

  • Color Temperature

    3200 to 6500K

  • 100% Illuminance (LUX) (0.5m) (~)


  • CRI (~)


  • Brightness Range

    0% - 100%

  • Duration


  • Working Environment Temperature

    -10°C to +40°C

  • Pick-up sound range

    Hyper cardioid

  • Signal-noise ratio


  • Sensitivity

    -38dB+3Db (0db=1V/Pa 1KHz)

  • Audio frequency range


  • Audio cable plug

    Mfi Certified Lightning Plug

  • Working temperature

    -20°C to +60°C

  • Material

    Black Aluminium alloy

  • Interface

    1/4 Screw

  • Angle

    Ball head: 360°

  • Material

    Aluminium alloy, plastic

  • Height

    6.2” - 9.8” (extensible)

  • Interface

    1/4 Screw Hole

  • Width

    2.4” - 3.5”

  • Angle


  • Material


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  • Litemons RGB Pocket-Size LED Video Light
  • Clamp for 2.4-3.5" Wide Smartphones
  • Microphone with Built-In Lightning Plug
  • 3-Stage Mini Tripod with 360 Ball Head
  • Godox VK3-UC Vlogging Kit for Android Users
  • LED6R
  • Foam
  • Diffuser
  • Windshield
  • Type-C USB Cable
  • Phone clamp MTH02
  • Geniusmic UC
  • Mini tripod MT03