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GoPro The Remote for HERO8 ,9,10,11 Black & MAX 360
GoPro The Remote for HERO8 ,9,10,11 Black & MAX 360
GoPro The Remote for HERO8 ,9,10,11 Black & MAX 360
GoPro The Remote for HERO8 ,9,10,11 Black & MAX 360
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GoPro The Remote for HERO8 ,9,10,11 Black & MAX 360

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GoPro The Remote for HERO8, 9, 10, 11 Black & MAX 360

Elevate Your GoPro Experience with Seamless Control

Unleash the full potential of your HERO8, HERO9, HERO10, HERO11 Black, or MAX 360 action camera with the GoPro The Remote. This feature-packed remote control is designed to empower your creativity and capture those epic moments with absolute precision.

Key Features:

  1. Wireless Control:

    Cut the cord and capture the moment remotely. The GoPro The Remote offers a wireless connection to your GoPro camera, so you can control it from a distance, up to 196 feet (60 meters) away. Whether you're surfing, biking, or simply want to get the perfect group shot, this remote has you covered.

  2. Full Camera Control:

    Start and stop recording videos with a simple press of a button. Capture stunning photos without having to reach for your camera. Adjust settings and modes without breaking a sweat. The GoPro The Remote gives you complete control at your fingertips.

  3. Rugged Durability:

    Crafted to withstand the harshest conditions, this remote is designed for adventure. Its durable and waterproof construction ensures it can handle the rigors of your action-packed life. Rain, snow, mud, or waves, this remote is ready for anything.

  4. User-Friendly Design:

    Featuring an intuitive interface and a clear, high-resolution display, this remote is designed with user convenience in mind. Even in challenging outdoor environments, you'll find it easy to navigate and operate.

  5. Compatibility:

    The GoPro The Remote is compatible with HERO8, HERO9, HERO10, HERO11 Black, and MAX 360 cameras. Enjoy a seamless and integrated experience with your GoPro gear.

  6. Long Battery Life:

    Don't worry about constant recharging. With a long-lasting battery life, the GoPro The Remote ensures that you can stay in control during your extended adventures.

  7. Mountable and Wearable:

    The remote is versatile and can be attached to your wrist, clothing, or gear, making it easy to keep it accessible when you need it most. It's also mountable on various accessories, allowing you to customize your shooting setup.

  8. Expand Your Creativity:

    The GoPro The Remote isn't just a convenience; it's a creative tool. It empowers you to explore new angles, get unique shots, and experiment with your GoPro in ways you've never imagined.


With the GoPro The Remote, you're not just capturing moments; you're creating memories. This remote is a game-changer for any GoPro enthusiast or action sports enthusiast, providing a new level of control and convenience. Elevate your GoPro experience and bring your adventures to life like never before. Get your GoPro The Remote now and take your action footage to the next level.

HERO10 Black
HERO9 Black
MAX 360
HERO8 Black
Remote Control Range
196' (60m)
Waterproof Depth
16' (5m) (Does Not Function When Submerged in Water)
Built In
Charging Port
USB Type-C
Wireless Standard
Bluetooth Low Energy
Battery Info
Required, included
Battery Material
Battery Type
Battery Quantity
  • Control 5 Cameras from up to 196' Away

  • Record, Change Presets, Switch Functions

  • Check Camera Status via Hi-Res Display

  • Glove-Friendly Tactile Buttons

  • Bluetooth Low-Energy Operation & Pairing

  • Wearable, Mountable, and Waterproof

  • Includes Wrist Strap & USB Charge Cable

  • GoPro The Remote for HERO8 / 9 / 10 / 11 Black & MAX 360

  • Wrist Strap

  • USB Type-C Cable

  • Limited 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty