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GoPro Volta Battery Grip for HERO & MAX


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GoPro Volta Battery Grip for HERO & MAX
GoPro Volta Battery Grip for HERO & MAX
GoPro Volta Battery Grip for HERO & MAX
GoPro Volta Battery Grip for HERO & MAX
GoPro Volta Battery Grip for HERO & MAX
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  • Brand: GoPro
  • Product Type: GoPro Accessory
  • GTIN: 818279026184


Extend Your Adventure with the GoPro Volta Battery Grip

When you're capturing life's most thrilling moments with your GoPro HERO or GoPro MAX, the last thing you want to worry about is your camera's battery life. The GoPro Volta Battery Grip is your solution to this common issue. Designed to provide extended power and enhanced stability, this versatile accessory ensures you never miss a moment. Dive into the details below to discover how the Volta Battery Grip can elevate your filming experience.

Key Features:

  • Double the Power, Double the Fun: Say goodbye to the constant need for battery changes or recharging breaks. The GoPro Volta Battery Grip boasts a built-in rechargeable battery, seamlessly integrating with your HERO or MAX camera. This additional power source significantly extends your recording time, allowing you to capture those long-duration adventures without interruption.
  • Stabilization and Control: Beyond its battery capabilities, the Volta Grip doubles as a handgrip, enhancing your camera control and reducing unwanted shakes or jitters in your footage. The ergonomic design ensures a comfortable and secure hold, no matter the action-packed scenario. Enjoy more stable, professional-looking shots in every situation.
  • Universal Mounting Compatibility: Flexibility is paramount when it comes to capturing unique angles and perspectives. The Volta Battery Grip features a tripod mount at its base, making it compatible with a wide range of GoPro mounts and accessories. Easily attach your camera to tripods, extension poles, and other gear for even more creative shooting options.
  • LED Battery Indicator: Stay informed about your grip's power status with the integrated LED battery indicator. This feature helps you plan your shots better and ensures you're never caught off guard by a drained battery mid-recording.

Unleash Your Creativity: Where to Use the GoPro Volta Battery Grip

The versatility of the GoPro Volta Battery Grip knows no bounds. Consider these scenarios where the Volta Grip can enhance your filming experience:

  • Action Sports: Whether you're snowboarding down a mountain or cycling through rugged terrain, the Volta Battery Grip ensures you have the power to capture your entire adventure without worrying about battery life.
  • Travel Vlogs: Document your travel experiences without constantly having to recharge your camera. The Volta Grip lets you film your journey from start to finish.
  • Time-Lapses: Create stunning time-lapse videos with the confidence that your camera will stay powered throughout the duration.
  • Underwater Adventures: Extend your underwater filming sessions and capture the beauty of marine life without the hassle of battery changes.

Upgrade Your GoPro Experience with the GoPro Volta Battery Grip

For GoPro enthusiasts, the Volta Battery Grip is a game-changer. It offers extended power, improved stability, and versatile mounting options, all in one compact package. Say goodbye to the limitations of your camera's battery life and seize the opportunity to capture every thrilling moment. Elevate your filming adventure with the GoPro Volta Battery Grip today.

Order yours now and unlock limitless filming possibilities with the GoPro Volta Battery Grip. Capture more. Worry less.

Note: GoPro HERO and GoPro MAX cameras are sold separately.


Battery capacity
4900 mAh
Power input
5V/3A (15W max)
Power output
5V/2.4A (12W max)
Power input/output type
USB Type-C
Charge time
2.5 hours with GoPro Supercharger (sold separately)
Battery Info
Required, included
Battery Material
Battery Type
Non universal
Battery Quantity


  • Grip for HERO & MAX Action Cameras

  • Triples GoPro Battery Power to 4 Hours

  • Built-In Buttons for One-Handed Control

  • Flip-Out Legs Convert into Tripod


  • GoPro Volta Battery Grip for HERO & MAX