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Sandisk Extreme Pro 128GB SDXC UHS-I Card
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Sandisk Extreme Pro 128GB SDXC UHS-I Card

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SanDisk Extreme Pro 128GB SDXC UHS-I Card

Capture and store your precious moments with unparalleled speed and reliability using the SanDisk Extreme Pro 128GB SDXC UHS-I Card. Designed for professional photographers, videographers, and enthusiasts, this high-performance memory card is the perfect companion for your digital devices, delivering exceptional storage capacity and lightning-fast data transfer speeds.

Unmatched Performance:

Experience the pinnacle of memory card technology with the SanDisk Extreme Pro. Boasting UHS-I Class 3 (U3) and V30 speed ratings, this card ensures seamless 4K UHD video recording and high-resolution burst mode photography. The blazing read speeds of up to 170MB/s and write speeds of up to 90MB/s enable rapid file transfers, allowing you to spend more time capturing and less time waiting.

Ample Storage Capacity:

With a generous 128GB capacity, this SDXC card provides ample space to store a vast collection of high-quality photos, extended video footage, and even raw image files. Never worry about running out of storage during your creative endeavors, whether you're documenting a breathtaking landscape or capturing life's spontaneous moments.

Dependable and Durable:

The SanDisk Extreme Pro is built to withstand the rigors of professional use. Its robust construction offers resistance against water, shock, temperature fluctuations, and X-rays, ensuring your valuable data remains safe and secure even in challenging environments. Focus on your craft with confidence, knowing your memories are protected.

Enhanced Workflow:

Efficiency is key for professionals, and the SanDisk Extreme Pro facilitates a streamlined workflow. Whether you're on a remote shoot or working in a studio, the high-speed performance of this card reduces downtime, allowing you to quickly transfer files to your computer or external storage devices.

Compatibility and Versatility:

The SanDisk Extreme Pro 128GB SDXC UHS-I Card is compatible with a wide range of devices, including digital cameras, camcorders, drones, and even laptops equipped with SD card slots. It offers the versatility needed to seamlessly integrate into your existing setup and adapt to various creative projects.

Professional-Grade Quality:

Backed by SanDisk's reputation for quality and reliability, the Extreme Pro series embodies the brand's commitment to delivering top-tier memory solutions. Count on the SanDisk Extreme Pro to perform consistently and flawlessly, even during intensive use.

Capture every detail, preserve memories in stunning clarity, and unlock your creative potential with the SanDisk Extreme Pro 128GB SDXC UHS-I Card. Elevate your photography and videography experience with a memory card that's engineered for excellence, speed, and durability.

Card Type
Storage Capacity
Bus Type
Speed Class
UHS Speed Class
Video Speed Class
Read Speed
Maximum: 200 MB/s
Write Speed
Maximum: 90 MB/s
Minimum: 30 MB/s
Shockproof, Temperature Extremes, Waterproof, X-Ray Proof
Operating Temperature
-13 to 185 Degree F (-25 to 85 Degree C)
Storage Temperature
-40 to 185 Degree F (-40 to 85 Degree C)
Built-in Write-Protect Switch
Wireless Capability
  • 128GB Storage Capacity
  • UHS-I / V30 / U3 / Class 10
  • Max Read Speed: 200 MB/s
  • Max Write Speed: 90 MB/s
  • Min Write Speed: 30 MB/s
  • Records Full HD, 3D, and 4K Video
  • Built-In Write-Protect Switch
  • SanDisk 128GB Extreme PRO UHS-I SDXC Memory Card