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Teris TS300CF Carbon Fiber Fluid Head & Tripod Kit


Teris TCE-ALG Fluid Head & Tripod Kit (Aluminium)


Teris TS150AL Fluid Head & Tripod Kit (Aluminum)


Teris TS100AL Fluid Head & Tripod Kit (Aluminum)


Teris TSN6AL Aluminum Tripod and Fluid Head System


Teris TS350CF Carbon Fiber Fluid Head & Tripod Kit


Welcome to Teris Tripods

Teris is a Chinese brand that manufactures tripods and other film and video production equipment. The company was founded in 2009 and is headquartered in Beijing, China. Teris has quickly become one of the leading providers of cinematography equipment in the Chinese domestic market, capturing an impressive 80% share of the professional market. The company is also gaining popularity in the international market, and its products are now available in over 50 countries.

Teris tripods are known for their high quality, innovative features, and competitive pricing. The company offers a wide range of tripods to suit different needs and budgets, including carbon fiber tripods, aluminum tripods, and fluid head tripods. Teris tripods are used by professional videographers and photographers around the world and are highly regarded for their durability, performance, and value.

Key Features of Teris Tripods:

  • High quality materials: Teris tripods are made with high-quality materials, such as carbon fiber and aluminum, which make them both durable and lightweight.
  • Innovative features: Teris tripods incorporate a number of innovative features, such as quick-release leg locks, adjustable center columns, and removable feet, which make them easy to use and adaptable to a variety of shooting conditions.
  • Competitive pricing: Teris tripods are offered at competitive prices, making them a good value for both professional and amateur videographers and photographers.

Benefits of Using Teris Tripods:

  • Stability: Teris tripods are designed to provide excellent stability for your camera, even in challenging shooting conditions.
  • Portability: Teris tripods are lightweight and compact, making them easy to carry around with you.
  • Versatility: Teris tripods are versatile enough to be used for a wide range of video and photography applications.

Whether you are a professional videographer or photographer, or simply an enthusiast, Teris tripods offer a great combination of high quality, innovative features, and competitive pricing.

Shop our wide selection of Teris tripods today and find the perfect tripod for your needs.